Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Never have enough...Tees!

I can never have enough tees. I love goofy and geeky shirts! In the past week I have added two new ones to my collection and my oldest got one more for his. I admit to stalking the tee sites for the grab bag deals and sometimes I just have to buy a few of the $10 shirts when they feature a character I really like. These are some of my favorites:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Girls Nerd Block April

Just as we anticipated our girls nerd block arrived today, we have gotten one block every day for three days in a row. This block was really cool, we got some really fun stuff and the boys are already playing with their loot.

April's Girls Nerd Block included:

  • a plush Smurf
  • a three pack of My Little Pony toys
  • a large Mickey sticker
  • a PlayMobil figure blind bag
  • a Filly Princess blind bag

We also did a video of the unboxing, Avery is the recipient of the girls block so he was "in charge" of opening it, Aedan was happy to assist but Avery is not nearly as talkative as Aedan so we end up with dead air on the video.

April Nerd Block Jr. Boys

I will say it over and over but Nerd Block needs a gender neutral box for kids. We opened our boys block last night and are still waiting for our girls block to arrive. I know I have no girls, but the goodies in the girls block are too awesome to pass up, we especially love the My Little Pony stuff.

In this month's boys box we received:

  • Ninja Turtles Mash-em (we got Michelangelo)
  • a plush mustache from mustache friends
  • a hot wheels car
  • Star Wars Squeez Mees (similar to squinkys)
  • Marvel Grab Zag
  • Sonic Light Force 
Here is our video from the unboxing, we are still having camera issues so excuse the unstable shooting on my phone. We are hoping to resolve this before filming the girls box.

These are just perfect for my home, I can put one in each bedroom and easily bring laundry up and down from the third floor to the first. They stand without collapsing and the pockets can hold either detergent and fabric softener or socks (when we fold them) so we can put things away quickly. I will be getting another set for the basement and bathrooms to keep the to-wash piles contained.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Things Actually Said 2

I have gathered a few more of those lovely things that were actually said by people (myself included) and I am ready to share a few with you.

  • I have decided that there is no Easter Bunny costume in existence that doesn't look creepy as f*ck

  • I have a new thing: when someone calls me all excited and says "have you heard" I am just going to be like "nope. I was too busy minding my own damn business"

  • E: Did we talk today?
Me: No? IDK

E: Oh Wait! Yes we did! Your kid crapped his pants.

  • I made my morning coffee in the keruig, but I forgot to put the mug in there and brewed my coffee in the spill over reservoir, I think I need to drink coffee before operating my coffee maker.
And then there was this lovely conversation between myself and a friend:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April Nerd Block

The original Nerd Block arrived this afternoon and my kids were eager to open it. We dealt with a camera malfunction while recording and I had to edit out a sibling scuffle, but we got the video up:

We will be doing both the boys and girls Nerd Block Juniors when they arrive, I am guessing tomorrow, the tracking they give us is really no good only updating once it leaves Canada and then arriving three days or so before the projected delivery date.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Anatomy of a Nerd Mom.

I am a proud Nerd Mom, I have two boys that love so many things from so many fandoms and I do my best to be knowledgeable about all of those things and keep up with my own interests. Nerd Moms are amazingly awesome but there are things I need to keep the awesome alive...

  • The nerd mom needs coffee. I know this may not be true for all moms, but I NEED IT. This starts the day with as much energy as possible to explore the fandoms. +5 to speed for drinking from a cool coffee thermos

  • The nerd mom need reference material. I have comics, movies, books, and my favorite The Marvel Encyclopedia. If my kids ask a question I want to be able to answer it. Did you know my kid schooled someone on Hawkeye when he was three? When a grown man at the Avengers movie said that Hawkeye should marry Black Widow my Aedan spouted the facts: "Hawkeye marries Mockingbird and then she dies." They were separated at the time, but the kid was right. 

  • The nerd mom has her own interests outside of her children's. I am a browncoat, a whovian, a potterhead, and an avid reader, among other things. I watch lots of movies and shows on netflix and I am constantly looking for the next thing to read or watch. I play games on console, pc, and tabletop (Check out Munchkin!) and I love to write and would love to write fan fiction someday.

  • The nerd mom is awesome. It's completely true. I am pretty awesome. I know the name of every skylander, I can quote many shows accurately, I can sew my children any costume they want and I have more geeky tee shirts than I can wear in a month. I help my son with his youtube channel (FireFlowerFamily) I help my kids build upon their interests and feel confident that they are doing well even when others frown upon what they like. (My Little Pony for example) I want my kids to know that it is not un-cool to be what you really are, and they should be proud to have things they really care about. They will go to comic con, they will watch movies and shows and read comics and books, and I will keep them stocked with new and exciting things to enjoy. If they ever decide they are done with these things I will box them up and save them, because as an adult I can tell you there are things I wish I could have saved from my childhood, things I gave up to be "cooler" and I wish I never had. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dream Big!

I have already made a post on Dreams, but I am going to get a little more in depth with my thoughts. I was inspired the other night when I was talking with an old friend about doing what needs to be done, instead of doing what we want to, because we have families to take care of.

I went to college for journalism but I dropped out, I am was unaware of my panic disorder at the time but let's just say I was a mess. Well after the death of my husband 5 months ago I took a long look at my life, I would no longer be caring for a terminally ill person on top of the two children so I had some time I could devote to something else. I had originally thought about returning to school, I could finish up that journalism degree, but then I thought about it.

love Juno. 

After blogging for about 5 years in various places I don't think I could go into journalism, no matter the venue in which you work in that field there is always a bias and as a blogger I get to say what I want and not what someone else tells me to say. I am able to work my sense of humor into everything and not worry about offending a higher-up, I am the boss lady so to speak and I call the shots.

Now, about that humor, if you know me personally you would know that I joke about absolutely everything all the time. I use humor to deal with my stress, and as a person with panic disorder I get stressed a lot so humor keeps me loose and more likely to go with the flow. My family used to tell me that I should be a stand-up comic, and I might as well be now. I sprinkle my strange sense of humor on everything I do, check out my Twitter, and Google+ pages, I am a riot.

I am working on writing my own books, it broadens my writing from the blogs I have been doing but still allows me to speak freely and organically without a script. I have more than a few ideas I am working on, but I am attempting to pick the project I am most inspired to complete so I am not all over the place. On top of that I still blog, that is something that I enjoy profusely even if no one reads it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Follow your dreams

Sometimes when you hear someone say something like "follow your dreams" you just laugh it off, and when they go a step further to "it's never too late to follow your dreams" you roll your eyes so hard they nearly pop out of your head. I know these things sound ridiculous, I am right there with you, I went through so many dreams for my life that I can't imagine actually doing any of them for a living but just look a little closer at your dreams and you might see you are doing them in your life now!

Acting. I have some wonderful videos of plays and musicals from high school, I could actually embarrass quite a few people with those, but looking at my life I see the little bits of acting still sprinkled in there. Just today I acted my way out of a very tough situation in front of two very tough critics, I acted like I wasn't eating the snickers I shoved into my mouth when the kids walked in on me. I totally nailed it, they looked at me with those tiny eyebrows raised questioning the chipmunk cheeks on my face, but they eventually believed I was just cleaning the kitchen and left me to chew in peace.

Singing. I used to want to be in a musical more than anything, but here I am a widowed homemaker with two kiddos. Did I miss out on my dreams? Oh hell no, you missed one hell of a performance the other night when I belted Let It Go in my shower. I rocked it, both the kids head me through the walls and even threw me gifts in appreciation, or maybe they tossed blocks at the door to get me to stop, who knows for sure?

Writing. I may not have a bestselling book, but I am working on it. Seriously, I am actually still writing and not just blogging. The blogging thing was a hobby and I have been doing that for about 5 years but I am working on a few different book ideas.

Just to give this post a little something extra, I am going to throw in a photo of me with a gold doubloon stuck to my face, Avery decided I needed some pizzazz and licked it and smacked it to my forehead. Good times.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's hard out here for a geek.

I find that it is hard to be a geek financially. There is something to be said about the amount of completely awesome stuff in the world that I want for my home. Etsy, TeeMagnet, Modcloth, and ThinkGeek are almost always on my most visited pages in my browser. I could easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, if I had it, just on kitchy nerd stuff.

As far as tees I already have quite the collection but it is always expanding thanks to the quertee tee insanity and the yetee's grab bag deals. You give me a shot at a cool shirt for $6-8 bucks and I am all over it. I haven't received anything that I haven't liked so far, even if the shirt is beyond my fandom I at least get the reference.

Modcloth has been a new obsession, they have some geekery including a Doctor Who book and robe that I want along with some lightsaber wall lights and enough kitchy crap to make me squeal in delight. I have the truffle shuffle salt and pepper shakers as well as the sandwich cutter that turns a plain old lunch into tetris pieces, and I do play with my food.
truffle shuffle salt and pepper shakers from modcloth

ThinkGeek is the place I shop for Christmas presents, I know most of my friend's preferred fandoms so it is easy to pop on over and pick something snazzy for a decent price. I have more than a few items I would fight a Dalek for at ThinkGeek. My oldest and his uncle (my late husband's brother) have matching Minecraft tees from ThinkGeek thanks to me, and I might just have to get my youngest one now since he is growing into their sizes. (I might just be browsing their clearance in between paragraphs, holy shizznizz is that the 11th doctor on a mug?!!)

Etsy is my true downfall, I have an Etsy shop myself so I am on quite a bit, but when I see the handmade geekery that exists in the world I get giddy and can't quite sit still. I have items marked to come back to, although I never quite seem to purchase my whole wish list because it is ever expanding.

There it is, the internet is full of little pieces of geekery you can own and I treat them like Pokemon, I want them all!