Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Around the corner.

Kindergarten is around the corner for my oldest and I am on the search for the coolest stuff for his transition to the big school. He has been going to pre-k for two years at a small building next door to the elementary school and he was known for his geeky tee shirts and knoweledge of all things Marvel but now as he shifts from being the big fish in a small pond to one of the hundreds of students at the larger building I want to give him unique items that won't be the same as a dozen other kids in his class.

At the small school he was one of 8 kids in a classroom, kindergarten can have up to 30 kids and I don't want him to panic if he can't find his backpack in the sea of standard walmart/target look-alikes so I am leaning towards a MadPax Later Gator or Spiketus Rex bag. These are super cool and when Aedan saw them he said they remind him of Bowser. A friend of mine bought one for her kid and said it held up well to the wear and tear of a full year of use. The price seems a bit steep but if it lasts more than one year like many of the online reviews claim I think it will be well worth it for a backpack that stands out from the crowd.

As far as supplies go I will be scouring the internet for things that Aedan likes that are not the standard edition like everyone else, this is one of the perks to having a kid that enjoys being different and nerdy, I get to find unique things that start a conversation and he just eats it up.

We already have a ninja turtle lunch box, although I can not remember where it came from for the life of me. I think I might have bought it for him the night that his father died, that whole day and night was a blur so I can't remember what we bought on that trip. It was a wal mart score and I think we might jazz it up a bit with something custom, again to avoid his getting lost in the dozens of look-alikes I am sure there will be in a large school where all the parents have the same three stores to choose from.

I enjoy being an online shopper for the fact that my kids usually have things that other people haven't seen, being a review blogger for years also gave us access to things that weren't even on the market yet and that is something we have grown accustomed to and still enjoy. Aedan has a collection of cool shirts from places like shirt.woot and teefury. Anytime there are shirts less than $6 on there we stock up on grab bags and even with shipping they end up being equal or less in price than wal-mart or target.

This upcoming school year is going to be an adventure for him, and this Summer break is going to be a long drawn out shopping trip for me as I try to get things without breaking the bank and scouring deal sites to make sure we are indeed getting the best deals possible. I will get the most out of this break, and I hope he is happy with what we come up with for his supplies.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

a new addiction

My kids have an amazing person in their life, Henry was very close with their father when he was living in California, and since Jeff's death Henry has been there for the kids in so many ways. Yesterday, my kids received a package from Henry and inside there were some toys from kidrobot. 

First there were three Marvel Micro MUNNY blindboxes, once opened we found Thing, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. Each of these characters were blank and the kids used sheets of foam stickers to add accessories and costume pieces to customize to their liking.

Next there were three TMNT Ooze Action mini figures, they got Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello, they each had mini weapons that they could hold in their hands.

Lastly, there was a super cool blank MUNNY that allows them to use special markers (three included) to draw in this blank figure and then clean it off to use again and again.

After opening all of these goodies and playing with them they have made it clear that they want more. Aedan is especially in love with the Deadpool items they sell including the Deadpool Labbit. Deadpool was their father's favorite Marvel character and Aedan has adopted that as his own as well, this Labbit is super funky and cool enough to add to our other Deadpool figure.

I love having kids that get so enthused by collectibles and I am now brainstorming how to display these figures between playtime, we might end up being those people with a living room full of display cases!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Classy Gals

I never claim to be a classy person, I was raised by rednecks and I would never pass for a lady raised in high society but I suddenly feel much higher on the scale of classiness thanks to some people living near me. I will not disclose their names, thankfully I don't know some of them since I do my best to NOT mingle with the neighborhood folk, and I will not post any pictures of these people no matter how tempting it may be.

The other day I had taken the boys outside to play and I parked my derierre in a chair so I could watch them destroy the yard when I noticed one of my neighbors walking up the road in a white sweater dress. This particular day was around 85 degrees easily and my first thought was wow it is awfully hot to be wearing that, but my second thought was the one that stuck with me is this lady wearing a white sweater dress with black thong underwear? Well, lets just answer that one factually, she indeed was, I know because that white sweater dress was actually pretty see-through and I saw too much. I still shudder thinking about it.

the best representation of that dress without showing you actual visible panties

As I sat there in that chair, I debated with myself on whether to snap a picture on my phone, It was like my very own People of Wal-Mart but without the Wal-Mart. I think I actually raised my phone a few times and I ultimately decided not to photograph it because if it were me I wouldn't want to find a horrific image of my cellulite squishing it's way around some too small underwear in a cheap see through dress. Of course, it wouldn't have happened to me since I do that thing where I look at myself from behind in a mirror before leaving my house, and hell she might not have ever seen a picture on the internet since she has knocked on my door on more than one occasion asking for my wifi password. (which I did not give her, duh)

Tonight I decided to type that story so I can add this new one: A few hours ago while getting my kids ready for bed I heard one of those knocks that is either a cop doing a raid or a pissed off dealer/john/druggie and I couldn't help but overhear the resulting chaos.

A female voice started screaming about someone owing her mama money and they best be paying it back (her vernacular not mine) I continued getting the boys set up, Aedan in the bedroom and Avery had already crashed out on the sofa. I walked into the kids play room when I heard the woman get louder and start dropping more and more F-bombs, I moved the curtain to peek out and make sure they weren't in my yard or driveway when she spotted me. This woman was easily the size of Melissa McCarthy (actress from The Heat, or Mike and Molly) and she was wearing clothes that would have fit one of those sickly skinny Olsen twins. You can be whatever size you want, but please don't have your breasts and butt cheeks hanging out of your clothing where I have to see it. The raged out, underdressed woman then began hurling insults my way, although I doubt that she even knew the gender or age of the person that peeked out, her most cunning line was b*tch if you come out here I will f*ck you up. Believe me lady, I have no plans of going out there while you are being your mama's loan shark.

All in all I have dozens of stories from the six months I have lived here and most of the entertaining ones involve people that live in the building next door.