Thursday, August 25, 2016

Disney On Ice returning to St Louis this September

St. Louis welcomes back Disney On Ice with their Worlds of Enchantment show in town at the Chaifetz Arena from September 23rd to 25th for six fun filled performances. In this creative new show you can see your favorite Disney characters, like Lightening McQueen, Ariel, the Toy Story crew, and your friends from Frozen, on action packed adventures that are sure to keep your kids on the edge of their seat. These shows have a cool pre-show that features Mickey Mouse teaching some exclusive moves in Mickey's Dance-Along Pre-Show. 

Show Schedule
Friday, September 23 at 7 p.m.
Saturday, September 24 at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.                                                                                                               
Sunday, September 25 at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m

Tickets for these shows are on sale now, they are $15 each and can be purchased by visiting Ticketmaster by clicking HERE.. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Another day, another traffic jam.

From the end of May until the middle of August the complex I live in is nice, it's peaceful, and you can drive out of it within a reasonable amount of time. Why is it only during those months? Well you see, I live by not one but two schools, a junior high and high school, and my kids will eventually go there.

Last year was my first year living by these schools and it honestly wasn't that bad, but this year parents have lost their damn minds. Not just at these schools, but the boy's elementary school as well. It used to be that I could leave this complex and pass by the schools in the morning or afternoon without traffic at those buildings, make it across town to the elementary school and come in the back way to avoid the traffic that had started to accumulate, because the district was smart and staggered the start and release times of buildings and there was no reason for cars to line the road that far ahead of drop off or pick ups.

This year is a monstrous cluster of cars lining both sides of the road making me have to leave even earlier to get my boys to school on time.  I used to throw the kids in the car at 7:30 and drive across town with enough cushion to sometimes arrive before the elementary school opened their doors, but now if I leave at that same time I barely arrive before the point that they lock the doors and I have to take all three kids in to sign the boys in. I have already had late kids TWICE in five days making me adjust our depart times.

NOW, the real gem is pick ups, there used to be a small line to pick up from the elementary school, there are only three classes of each grade so there aren't a lot of kids there. This year the line goes at least a half mile down the road and across an intersection, it's insane, and as I get through and head home the line is still long enough to cross the intersection. It was never even half that long last year. And the line starts earlier and earlier everyday, I don't know about you but I have better things to do than sit in the heat for a half hour or more every day.

So lets say a silent prayer to our deity of choice that this new school year craziness wears off and we can resume business as usual.

WTF Trix??

So about a week ago I was cruising the store with all three kiddos like some sort of mental patient when they saw the bright colors of the cereal isle, they wanted some neon sugar coated breakfast and I said sure.

Fast forward to this morning, getting the boys ready for school Avery informs me that Trix would make an excellent snack for today, and I grab a baggie and start to load him up with the cereal.  I expected to see bright green, blue, red, orange, know rainbow colors, Trix as I remember them (well despite the fact that they are all balls now instead of cute fun shapes) but what I found was as if Rose Art made Trix... muted colors, kinda ugly, reminiscent of a barf palette. WTF Trix?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to School!

Yesterday was the first day of the new school year. Aedan started his second grade year, and Avery began kindergarten. Both boys went to a four week summer school program and Aedan loved it while Avery would always tell me his day was "thumbs down."

The first morning went smoothly, both kids jumped out of bed and got ready in a flash, I got Freya set to go out the door with us and I drove them across town. Amazingly when we arrived I ended up NOT parking to walk them in, there were cars lining both sides of the narrow street and people everywhere. I drove to the circle that we always do pick up and drop offs at and let the boys out, the ran to their principal (who both know very well from Aedan attending last year) and gave high fives. That was it. They ran inside and I was alone with Miss Freya.

While the boys were in school Freya and I went to a local park and walked two miles around and around the lake, she passed out and I loaded her back up to go home until it was time to pick the boys up. We played, watched TV, and made a mess with LEGOs before finally going to retrieve the brothers.

The boys hopped back in the car and began the stories about who was in their class and what they did, and surprisingly both boys had great days. I expected Avery to give it a thumbs down, but I think that summer school really did get him prepared for kindergarten and he was able to have fun.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rising from the ashes.

Cancel the search party for I am found, I was hiding from my kids so I could eat a cupcake. I can tell you one thing, having three kids can only be described as hell on roller skates. Technically speaking I am a widowed mom of two and a co-parent of one because believe it or not but having a dad in the picture makes a world of difference.

OH and on that subject, when I was pregnant I never imagined my daughter's father and I would end up living a mile from each other and doing daily swaps, ATTENTION PEOPLE: IT CAN BE DONE! Now I won't be sharing too much about him or our daughter but I want to encourage peaceful parenting when at all possible.

So what is going on with the kiddos? Aedan is seven and going in to second grade, Avery is five and going into kindergarten, and Charlotte is now Freya and is absolutely amazing, walking and talking at just over a year old.

If you remember we did a series over at Growing Them Geeky on homeschool and public school and it fizzled out, I can say that a lot of that had to do with the fact that Aedan's kindergarten year ended up being complete crap and I had to fight the teacher, the administration, and the district just to get him to pass kindergarten without being expelled AGAIN. We moved to a new district to be closer to my daughter's family and suddenly we had a supportive district that helped us get an IEP and guess what? Aedan had ZERO expulsions, ZERO in school suspensions, and minimal classroom drama. He has made progress above and beyond anything I could have wished for and I am so glad to be putting Avery in their hands for his kindergarten year.

We are all about the PokemonGo game, we have played a lot at the local riverfront trail and lake, if you are in the Saint Louis area Forest Park is a good location too. I was so proud when Aedan took his first gym, I sat by waiting so I could capture a screenshot.

I am hoping with both boys in school I will find more time to blog more, so until then, good day.