Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer so far

This has been a very laid back summer so far, with the temperatures being high we haven't had a ton of activities outdoors because frankly, I do not enjoy the super humid heat we have here in Missouri. A few weeks ago we went to a convention in St. Charles that was actually pretty fun despite the fact that the boys spent at least half the time sitting in the convention center lobby playing Legos.

We did some quickly thrown together cosplays, mostly what we have done in the past or in Avery's case made completely of clothing already owned. Avery was Baldi from Baldi's Basics, which was probably not even known or noticed by anyone. Aedan did his Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty again and I did a newer version of Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail. My costume was already in progress for a while but I finished the top (and it was eaten by my sewing machine) made a skirt, and an entire hat the night before the convention. Since then I have continued working and mending my Juvia costume, and begun work on A Doctor Strange for Aedan and a Rust Lord (Fortnite) for Avery. I will also be making a costume for a friend along with ours, seems that I have been in a sewing mood lately after a very long hiatus.
fun bonus picture of Aedan as Boba Fett

It would seem that sewing is not the only renewed hobby in my life right now, because here I am wiring again out of nowhere. I did discover that I can not maintain my momentum writing while dating, it was awful to try to balance my kids, my hobbies, and a relationship. As you can see I chose my children and am now slowly adding my hobbies back into the mix. The boys need entirely too much help and attention for me to allow anyone into my life that would question that or cause me to become unfocused. The kids have a great male role model in their life with Freya's father and for now, that is good enough for everyone.

We had a great fourth of July and it was the first time my boys got to actively participate in setting off the fireworks. I am actually shocked that I handled that, usually I am too stressed out and uptight to allow them to do anything even remotely dangerous but it actually happened.

In the upcoming months, we will be doing back to school prep, attending another convention, and I will be attending a concert with friends in February since doing things without the kids is a nice break from time to time. I am glad to be continuing my tradition of going to Panic! at the disco concerts for the third time in four years, only missing the year the show was rained out.

So, for now, the kids and I are sticking close to home and spending time with friends when we can, school starts again in a little over four weeks and we have had a low key summer without much stress or frustration.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Today my youngest is three, where in the world did the time go?

Freya had a party and it was well worth the stress of planning it, she hasn't had a party ever work out during her time with me.I made her a dress for the occasion, the boys picked a Poppy (trolls) pinata for her, she even had a tea party with her friends and cousins. Six hours after it started the kids still didn't want to leave, so I guess that is the sign of a great party.

That cake was amazingly yummy

Showing off the dress I made her.

Freya and the Poppy pinata 

Aedan being goofy, can you believe he is 9?!

Avery, dapper as always, 7 years old now.

I wish I had gotten a group photo, but there were loads of kids.

Tea time.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I wrote a book.

Yes, it is I, Queen of Procrastination and I have written a book.

Seriously, I know it is hard to believe. So what am I doing now? Writing another.


I wrote, I finished, I edited.

Now, while I query for one of those elusive agent things I have heard so much about I am working on a second in the series. These characters are my loves, they write themselves, the story just unfolds and I am so proud.

I honesty can't believe any of this but I am just glad to have done something productive with all of the wild thoughts I had harbored in my strange little mind.